Holbox Whale Shark Tour

185.00 USD

The whale shark, the ocean's gentle giant and the largest fish currently roaming our seas, often reaches lengths of up to 15 meters. These magnificent creatures favor the balmy surface waters, especially in regions where colder, nutrient-dense currents rise, fostering abundant plankton populations, their favored meal. This abundance of food is precisely why the waters between Isla Holbox and Isla Mujeres become a favored gathering spot for whale sharks each summer, often accompanied by schools of jacks and manta rays.


On the scheduled day of your adventure, we'll arrange to meet you promptly at 6:50 am in the lobby of your Isla Holbox hotel, if you're staying within the hotel zone. Should your accommodation be situated elsewhere, we can alternatively convene at the designated departure dock. We typically plan our return around 2 pm, though this is subject to the day's weather conditions.


Included in the price of your tour are all the necessary items to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience: fins, snorkels, and life vests. We're committed to making your excursion truly memorable. That's why we rigorously maintain our equipment and provide daily training to our crew, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is flawlessly executed, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in this extraordinary adventure.


It's worth noting that our quest to encounter whale sharks takes us into the open ocean, where conditions can occasionally be tumultuous. Although the seas are often calm or even perfect, they can swiftly shift, bringing about waves and rainfall.


While inherently gentle, whale sharks are wild animals and their behavior can be unpredictable. It's not uncommon to spot groups of 60 or more, along with manta rays, dolphins, and sea turtles. However, there are days when we may encounter only a solitary individual.


I share these details to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of this tour. Unlike a visit to the Mayan archaeological sites, the success of this adventure is significantly influenced by the weather. This is to mitigate any potential disappointment due to inclement weather on your scheduled day. That said, I encourage you to peruse the plethora of positive online testimonials about our company and the tours we conduct. We are committed to delivering quality experiences, contingent, of course, on the whims of Mother Nature. On days when she's less than cooperative, rest assured that our specially trained staff and crew will go above and beyond to ensure your tour is as enjoyable as possible.


As we journey back to the island, we make a leisurely stop near Cabo Catoche for some snorkeling or a stroll on the pristine, untouched beach. Aboard the boat, you'll be treated to a freshly prepared fish ceviche accompanied by an array of non-alcoholic beverages.


Please note that to maintain an intimate and personal experience, we limit the number of guests to 10 per boat.



 Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel your tour 45 to 8 days prior to the scheduled date and receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • If you cancel 8 to 2 days before your tour, you will be refunded 75% of your deposit.
  • Cancellations made less than 36 hours before the tour will not qualify for a refund. However, we provide the option to reschedule your tour within the current season at no extra charge.
  • Please note that cancellations made after midday on the day before your tour are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.

What’s included

  • Pick Up
    Exact Pick up Time is always confirmed the day prior of the tour by email
  • Equiment
    Snorkel, Fins, Mask, Life vest
  • Refreshments
    Soft Drinks, and sandwiches onboard the ship
  • Lunch
    Delicious Ceviche

What’s not included

  • Drop Off
    We end the tour at the main dock of the Island which is just one corner away from the town Center
  • Motion Sickness Pill
    Please be aware that as its a medicine we are not able to prove sea sickness pills

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Holbox WHale Shark Tour

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