Your tour or treansfer time will be confirmed the day before your tour at around 7:30pm.


As mentioned in our website, there is no Whale Shark sighting guarantee or money back guarantee at all in this tour**, as it is impossible to control nature. It's very rare for us not to spot any Whale Sharks as most of the time we see 20, 50 or even more than 150. However it has happened that sometimes we only see 5, 2 or none at all.


It has happened that in spite of all our efforts to find them we do not, therefore we cannot give any kind of guarantee or refund. This is the same for all companies as it has been a federal rule since 2016. It happens sometimes that the sea conditions are not good and it is not easy at all to find them, please be aware that if the conditions are not at their best that might unfortunately happen.


Our tours are not recommended for children under 4.

In the event that weather conditions prevent us from conducting our tours, we offer two options: a full refund of your payment or the opportunity to reschedule for another available day. Please note that our tours are subject to approval by the harbor master and local navy authorities, who determine whether it is safe to proceed with our activities. This means that occasionally, tours may be affected by factors such as rain or waves.



Cancellations made from 45 to 8 days prior to the tour receive 100% of the amount paid at the time of booking back.


Cancellations made from 8 to 2 days prior to the tour receive 75 % the amount paid at the time of booking back.


Cancellations made less than 36 hours prior to the tour get no refund but you will get the opportunity to do the tour any other day during the season with no extra charge.


Cancellations made after midday the day before the tour get no refund at all or opportunity to do it again with no charge.